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Bad Hair Does Not Exist

“Bad Hair Does Not Exist!/”Pelo Malo No Existe!” – is a book with an anti-bullying message that reinforces respect for individualism.

Hispanic and Black children are exposed to the divisive and bullying term, “bad hair,” within their own communities.


The term “bad hair” or “pelo malo” is used to describe hair that is usually of curlier texture or of a thick and coarse density. This is irresponsible and often contributes to a child’s low self –esteem, dividing both communities and families.

The book’s purpose is to empower all children by giving them alternate terms to describe their hair, and teaching them the importance of respecting one another’s differences.

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My Best Friend Likes Boys More Than Me!

Meet Aisha and Helen. They are best friends. They are both intelligent and very attractive. However, Helen just got bit by the “boy crazy” bug. Find out how Aisha keeps Helen focused on her grades in school.
The book is a great way for parents to start that unavoidable conversation about “boys.” You will love how the book prioritizes education in a fun, cool and relatable manner.